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Personalized Notepads for Fund Raising

By: Mhorgan Phair

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In the past, a group of Marian monks used to sell notepads in order to raise funds for their subsistence and also their ministry. Their monastery was self-funded and although there were concerned individuals with a heart for missions that gave to their cause, they still raised funds especially for the individual needs of the brothers and the monks. And their main source of income was notepad printing.

They introduced the concept of personalized notepads during the time when notepads were merely scratch papers that were cut up and bound on one side with paper glue. So when they started selling their customized notepads, these were instant hits to the students and professionals alike. Here are the features of the notepads sold by the Marian monks:

1. Colorful and scented. Their notepads were not just made of ordinary white paper but were rather of thicker special paper that came in different colors. They used only one kind of special paper but it was available in beige, light brown, light pink, yellow, light green, light blue, gray, and also in white. They were scented, too. People just loved them. And it wasn’t the girls who ordered—the boys liked them, too. Since the paper was scented, they were great to be used for love letters.

2. Different sizes. You have the choice of having small notepads, like the 1/8 or 1/4 of a bond paper size. You can also opt to have the square 4” x 4” size. But most people preferred the half of a bond paper size because they use it as stationery to send snails mails to friends. The whole bond paper size was also available and was used by people who worked in offices that would like to send personal mails in formal paper.

3. Customized and personalized. The notepads were customized in the sense that you can choose the design that you want. At that time, they even only had one color printing—black. They had many designs to choose from, ranging from cartoon characters, flowers, household items, and other icons. Then you can opt to add your name to it and a slogan or motto—up to two lines. You can omit this part, too, but you will have to pay the same rate so you might as well take advantage of it. After all, it is a notepad and it is nice to personalize it. Most of the time, people used this text: “From the desk of” and then their complete name will appear below that phrase.

4. Neat production. The notepads made by the Marian monks were very neat. The edges were trimmed nicely and they used white padding glue to bind the pages. At that time, most of what people saw were the red gooey padding glue, which was not very neat and clean to look at. Their printing was also very clean—you could not see blotches of ink on the pages. They were very strict with quality control because they did not hesitate to discard those pages that have blotches on them.

The Marian monks had done this for several years until the advent of inkjet printers. Many people could already do their own notepads by buying special colored paper and printing their names and specified colors on the paper. It was not clear anymore what the monks used in order to raise funds for themselves during this time, but for many years, they have successfully supported themselves through notepad printing.

Morgan Phair is a business man using notepads in his coffee shop from commercial printing company, that's why he love to write an articles about notepad printing.

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