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Helpful Tips In Rooting Out The Cause Of Problematic Automotive Brakes

By: Hans Stecken

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Because it is very difficult to figure out what is wrong with the brakes just be simply listening to the noise, it is important to fix the car once the problem becomes evident. There are many different causes for noisy braking. Some of them are mundane, and can be left alone to resolve themselves. An example is dust. Dust often gets stuck in the brake pads, creating friction when the brakes are hit. That creates the annoying noises. Similarly, other small materials can do this, such as rubber dust, ground metal or metal shavings, and so on. If the problem is persistent, it can be removed by dismantling the brakes and putting it back together.

Contrarily, it can be a serious matter. In many cases, noisy braking are a sign for components beginning to weaken and break. After all, brakes are often subject to wearing conditions. Wear and tear is an ever-present company for brake pads. If that is the case, the damage could quickly become something very serious. It is only a matter of time before the brake parts give out and cause real trouble for the driver. In that sense, the noise should be taken as an indication that something must be done, and quickly, too. To solve such a problem, the mechanic can either repair the old component or replace it. Both of which would cost the driver, it would be a cost paid for safety, though.

Determining whether the tire needs immediate repair or it would be okay to wait for the noise to go away on its own is, for the lack of better word, difficult. The driver can never be fully sure that it is one thing or the other. That means he will be risking his own safety, and that of his passengers, as well, when he drive a car with noisy braking. Or, he could be wasting money by having it repaired for no just reason. One way to figure that out is through the age of the vehicle. New vehicle or those with newly installed braking systems are less likely to have problems. Though, this deduction is going to be far from accurate, so it is best avoided when there are other options.

It is more effective to see if the troubleshooting is accompanied by any number of things. For instance, sharp pulls on one side of the car when braking tell the driver that something is off. Similarly, advanced braking and late braking could be a sign that the brake pads are worn down and need immediate replacement. In other words, the car has to be brought to the mechanic as soon as you notice something is wrong with it. Not being able to brake properly can have devastating consequences, especially if you are driving on a busy highway.

Two very common causes of noisy brakes are dust and the substances used to make the brake pads. Dust and other contaminants can create friction and, therefore, create noise, when the pads are locked tight with the wheels. Substances can create the same effect.

The dust can get through to the brake pads no matter what the driver does to protect from it. The good thing is that it will go away on its own. The reason behind that is the dust will have nothing to hold on to in the brake pads, so they will just fall out. After a time, the dusts will go away, but will leave cumulative damage to the pads.

The brake pads will become less and less durable, especially if the dust gets in very often. The solution for this is to dampen the brake pads. Doing so will not only lubricate the pads, but it will reduce the chances that dust will stick on the pads.

Many of today’s automotive brakes are metallic. Metal can cause the same annoying sound when rubbed together, sometimes. In summary, the best way to avoid accidents and annoyances is to know when your noisy brakes indicate something serious, or if it will go away without your help.

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