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Affordable Coron Tour Packages and Hotel accommodation in Palawan -P1,650 per head

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Coron Palawan packages for as low P1, 650 per persons. This is truly an amazing tour for everyone, 3 days and 2 nights package with a whole day trip which provides a variety of experience. Great choice of accommodation in Coron Palawan to suit every budget for as low P1, 650. Exclusive discounts with no hidden extras. Take a respite from your mundane monotony and plan for a holiday in Coron Palawan! Adorned with bewitching beaches and majestic marine life, the beauty of Coron is a great pleasure to the travelers. On the other hand, travelers will also enjoy here a number of adventures including diving, fishing, trekking and many more. Coron in Palawan will be the next boracay, the Coron Island might be starting to be on more travelers' 'should visit' lists. There are numerous hotel in palawan, if you will visit Coron Busuanga, there are 4 types of accommodation available in Coron,you can choose from Coron resort type, Inland accommodation also know as Coron Lodges, and Island beach resort accommodation. You can call this (02) 584-8371 or (0905) 247-3468...for reservation and other details you need.

2 hotel in Coron in Palawan: The Mt Tapyas hotel and Coron gateway hotel.

1. Mt Tapyas hotel is located uphill Coron town Proper, with open view facing coron bay, this hotel has 16 fully conditioned rooms with television, all with private toilet room with hot and cold shower. It has its own spa, rooftop bar and restaurant. It is located within town proper; 5 minutes walk to the public market and other local restaurants and bars. 3D/2N package for as low P2,550/head

2. The other one is Coron Gateway hotel in Palawan,Coron gateway hotel is located at the back of Coron central market, near pier and other Shops in Coron. Coron gateway hotel has 31 rooms. Room amenities include non smoking rooms, air conditioning, desk, television LCD/plasma screen, bathtub, shower, separate shower and tub. The amenities and services offered at this Palawan accommodation include coffee shop, bar/pub, meeting facilities, restaurant, room service, hotel/airport transfer. The hotel provides a warm and welcoming service of international standard. 3D/2N package for as low P4, 300/head

The other type of Coron Accommodation is categorize as Resorts and Lodges, there are almost 30 lodges located in Coron town proper and 14 Coron resorts located around Busuanga palawan. Daily rates starts from 600 pesos a night to 3000 pesos a night, rate charging depends on the type on room and amenities want to avail.

Here are the list of Coron resorts and Lodges (alphabetically)

1. Amor pension house - Newly built 3 story pension house that offer daily, weekly stay, all room is air conditioned with Television, private CR with shower, WiFi access and of course with free daily breakfast.Amor pension house is only 10 minutes away from Coron Market and Central Pier. 3D/2N package for as low P2, 150/head

2. Amphibi-ko resort Lodge - They offer daily and weekly stay. all rooms is air-conditioned with private Toilet with shower, WiFi access and free daily breakfast. Ampbihibiko lodge is native inspired accommodation, but all walls are concrete, they only use " sawali " as wall design. Amphibiko is only walking distance away from Central Market and Pier.3D/2N package for as low P2,250/head

3. Coron Village Lodge - Own by Fernandez family of Coron, this lodges offer nice and comfortable rooms, all air-conditioned with private toilet with shower and WiFi access, they serve breakfast for only 150 pesos per head. Coron village lodge is only 5 minutes away from Coron Market, Central Pier, Souvenir shops, Church and Municipal Hall. 3D/2N package for as low P2, 200/head

4. Darayonan lodge - Darayonan Lodge is own by Fernandez family of Coron, This lodge also offer Affordable rates and warm service, they have 28 air-conditioned rooms with television ,private Toilt with shower and WiFi access, and of course free daily breakfast. You can also use thier swimming pool until 11pm, Darayonan lodge is near major establismeht such as Market, Central pier, Souvenir Shops and More. 3D/2N package for as low P2,600/head

5. Palanca Guest house - Palanca Guest house is just stone away from Coron Gateway hotel,also near Major establishment , walking distance from Central market and Pier. This guest house has 7 decent rooms, all air-conditioned, private toilet with shower and WiFi access along balcony area. if you want simple decent enough and peaceful accommodation, Palanca Guest House is best for your budget. 3D/2N package for as low P2,250/head

6. Rudys Place Lodge - Rudys Place lodge is highly recommended for those you are in budget, this lodge offering both air-conditioned and fan rooms. Rudys place has its own Basketball and tennis court, Mini swimming pool, billiard table and recreational area. so if your looking for affordable accommodation, Rudy's place is for you. Rudys place is 12 minutes away from Coron Town (by foot), and 3 minutes away (by tricycle). 3D/2N package for as low P1,650/head

7. Sunzen Coron Resort - Own and manage by Ms angela, Korean national who fall in love in the beauty of coron, this young lady is very accommodating and fun to be with. if you want total relaxation with extra budget, sunzen coron accommodation is best for you. All rooms is facing swimming pool. A very relaxing type of accommodation that coron has to offer. Sunzen is 15 minutes away from Coron Market and other establishment (by foot) , and 4 minutes away( by tricycle). 3D/2N package for as low P2,700/head

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