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“Does my small business website really need SEO?”

By: Chad. Bowe.

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Many small business owners are pleased enough just to be on the internet but in reality owning a website is only the beginning. Upon launching their shiny new website, the one that was supposed to change the world and have their competitors scrambling to get out of the way, unsuspecting business owners usually get a reality slap. Typically this virtual slap occurs right after the proud new website owner decides to search for their business on Google only to realize that they have to scan through several pages of results just to find their link.

Finding your company’s website on the search results page with other sites and companies that you have never heard of can be disheartening and the trauma and stress involved with just getting a website developed puts a kind of mental roadblock in place that causes lots of business owners to unconsciously decide to leave’ good enough’ alone. Many just resign themselves to doing little beyond hoping that their site will climb the ranks on its own and thus turn their attention elsewhere and don’t think much about actively working to get to where they want to be. I have seen many of my clients do exactly this, they struggle to get their site online and then walk away and leave it unchanged for two or three years, satisfied with the fact that at least they made it that far! Some of these sites achieve a level of success due to their content and niche market but none ever reach their full potential.

On the other side of the coin there exists another class that doesn’t accept being a page four link. These are the business owners who decide that if they are going to play the game they will to play to win. Hats off to this small proactive minority! Besides keeping the SEO profession going, they are the ones that end up leaving the others behind and really rocking their particular market space. What separates this second group (outside of a strong competitive spirit) is the realization that it just doesn’t make a lot of sense to be an ‘also-ran’ company in a market as lucrative and full of potential as the internet. While each small business owner may have his or her own answer to the question of why they should invest time and money in SEO, I would like to suggest that the following four reasons are pretty near to the core of them all:

1.It just plain makes sense.

Does it make sense to buy a car but then refuse to buy gas or car insurance and instead just leave it in the driveway collecting dust? How about a bicycle – have you ever bought one but refused to put air in the front tire? Sure you have a bike, but it really isn’t getting you anywhere. These might sound like silly comparisons, but in reality, paying thousands of dollars for a shiny new website that sees only a fraction of the potential visits or sales that it should is pretty much the same thing.

2.The longer your website remains un-optimized, the longer it loses sales and under-performs.

Think about it, in the time that it took to read the last few lines, your website may have lost several sales due to the fact that it was not found by a person looking for exactly what your company specializes in! Every day that your site sits on page number two or greater of the major search engine’s results is a day filled with lost opportunity.

3.One of the greatest things about having a website is that it sells for you, day and night, week in and week out without direct intervention.

Sadly, if a website is not found, it is not of much use to anyone. The benefit of having invisible hands and a voice that never tires of selling your product are not enjoyed by the website owner whose website is not found. We are in the digital era and a company’s website is its face to the world. The world can’t hear what your site has to say if they can’t find it.

4.Paid search advertising is getting really expensive!

Many people simply decide that search engine marketing is good enough for them. It’s quick, it’s effective and unfortunately has gotten really expensive! Anyone advertising online with pay per click programs like Google AdWords, cannot help but notice that the cost of getting keywords in the top three or four spots is costing a pretty penny. What used to cost cents now costs dollars. Why? There are two reasons for this. The first is that more people now fully understand the potential benefits of PPC advertising and so they are willing to pay more. Second, it’s largely a matter of volume as there are more and more companies competing for the same keywords. The classic economic concept of supply and demand is at work here.

Whatever the reason that convinces you to invest in SEO, your investment will be a worthwhile one. Remember, you need a good SEO plan because it works, because losing out on tons of potential traffic and sales should never be a scenario you settle for and finally because relying on paid search advertising is getting more and more expensive!

SEO makes good business sense; don’t let your website go another day without a properly designed SEO plan!

Chad Bowe is co-owner of Paradigm Business Solutions (a micro-multinational) and also the lead marketing consultant at GTA Consultant. GTA Consultant is a digital marketing, SEO and AdWords Management company in the greater Toronto area.

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